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Mass Loaded Vinyl

Our line of product solutions using Mass Loaded Vinyl as the base material can offer the user effective acoustical performance and will not shrink, rot, or cause metal corrosion.

SilentCurtain™ is a durable outdoor Mass Loaded Vinyl Soundproof curtain that resists the passage of sound waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noise. With a durable vinyl laminate, the SilentCurtain™ is both attractive and resistant to adverse environmental conditions and UV light, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor applications.

SilentWrap™ is a mass loaded vinyl that can be used to dampen sound and vibrations in walls, ceilings, HVAC ducting, and anywhere that noise needs to be diminished. While it is a very thin product, SilentWrap™ Mass Loaded Vinyl reduces transmission of airborne noises by adding mass to the structure to which it is applied. Unlike drywall, metal or wood, SilentWrap™ is a flexible, yet dense polymer barrier manufactured from post-industrial recycled content – a solution for sound and vibration annoyances.

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    Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier

    SilentWrap™ with Lag

    SilentWrap™ Mass Loaded Vinyl PSA

    SilentCurtain™ Acoustic Curtain

    SilentWrap™ Peel & Stick Sound Dampening Pads

    SilentWrap™ Reinforced MLV