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Sound Acoustic Solutions is a manufacturer and supplier of cost-effective acoustic products
along with related accessories required for sound isolation and absorption.

Applications for Our Products

  • Walls

    We offer many high-end wall solutions for a variety of applications to dampen sound and vibrations. Many available types, sizes, and colors ensure most design requirements can be met.

  • Custom Applications

    Need insulation cut to a certain size? We've got you covered. Simply contact us to get a customized quote for unique sound or thermal application needs.

  • Ceilings

    Solve challenging reverberation issues in any room with our various acoustic ceiling tiles and boards to reduce noise, maximize sound quality, and improve the appearance of facilities.

  • Outdoor

    We also manufacture cost-effective outdoor acoustic products with exterior-grade materials for optimum noise reduction and durability in environmental, industrial, and commercial use cases.

Industries We Serve

  • Industrial & OEM

    Minimize noise with budget friendly, custom solutions which absorb and block sound.

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  • Commercial

    From small conference rooms to large lobby areas, we stock and fabricate acoustic treatments for many types of rooms.

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  • Outdoor

    Contain outdoor noise with our exterior rated products and applications.

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  • Marine

    Suppress sound and contain heat in marine engine bays with products like SilentWrap Mass Loaded Vinyl.

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  • Theater

    We supply products with low light reflection and acoustic reflection levels corrected for theaters.

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  • Academic

    Meet specified acoustic requirements for enhanced learning and teaching with products for commercial contractors.

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